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  • Arabella Rose Feather Flower Tutorial for making diy wedding fascinators
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  • Elegant Feather Flower Home Decor and Wedding Decor | Feather Poppy Tutorial
  • Filler Flowers, berries, and feathers for making show stopping bouquets.
  • Fluffy Cabbage Rose Fabric Flower Tutorial
  • Fluffy Feather Flower | Dandelion Tutorial
  • Dandelion style fluffy feather flower tutorial
  • Feather Carnation and Spider mum flower tutorial
  • Spider chrysanthemum feather flower tutorial
  • Feather flower tutorial
  • feather carnation flower tutorial
  • Feather Mum and Feather Carnation flower tutorials

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All Feather Flower Tutorials (Instant Ebook Downloads) Save 25%


Product Description

This feather flower bundle is perfect for diy brides who would want to create their stunning bouquets with a little touch of mystery.   Each of these tutorials have plenty of colorful pictures with easy to understand instructions so you will be properly guided on each step.  The techniques taught in these tutorials are very simple that both beginners and experienced crafters would love.  You'll be surprised on how easy these feather flowers are to make that with little practice would help you create handmade flowers with professional resutls!  

Not only are these flowers beautiful, but this flower tutorial bundle is also very practical! For a small fee you will be able to make a bouquet that could be worth hundreds of dollars! The materials in these tutorials are very affordable and can be easily purchased from online suppliers.  And if someday you suddenly become inspired to be an entrepreneur, you can easily start up your own handmade flower business!  That's a very small investment for getting big savings that you could use for your future.  

Before I forget, if these feather flower tutorials were purchased separately, it would cost you a total of $58. With this bundle, 25% was slashed from the total price. Now you can have all these beautiful flower lessons for only $43.50! That's $14.50 worth of savings!  


The Feather Flowers you will learn:

1. Feather Flower 1 / A / Peony
regular price: $9.00
in this bundle: $6.75

2. Feather Flowers 2 / B
regular price: $11.00
in this bundle: $8.25

3. Dandelion Style Feather Flower
regular price: $9.00
in this bundle: $6.75

4. Feather Poppy Flowers
regular price: $9.00
in this bundle: $6.75

5. Arabella Rose Feather Flower
regular price: $9.00
in this bundle: $6.75

6. Filler Flowers and Bouquet Tutorial
regular price: $11.00
in this bundle: $8.25

7. Feather Carnation and Spider Mum
regular price: $9.00
in this bundle: $6.75




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