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Almost Finished: My Upcoming Bridal Accessories Kindle Book


While waiting for an inspiration to write for my introduction, I just want to share my relief that my upcoming kindle book is nearing its completion.  I started shooting for this book last December 2 months after my partner's nudging... no... nagging to come up with a new  book.  I was procrastinating at first to gather all the techniques that I know and come up with designs I could teach.  After years of being stuck and my spells of major depression and anxiety, I lost the motivation to be creative. I would come up with an idea and then brush it off the next day. I imagined a lot of scenarios if I try to execute an idea and due to me analysing every angle, it felt like a cumbersome task that I didn't get to start any.  I was paralysed. After a while the ideas just faded away till I lost most of my inspiration. 

My version of the Brooch Bouquet

I had so many excuses. My excuses were legit but I realized that I am not going anywhere if I keep on being a prisoner of my own excuses.  I asked myself, what am I afraid of happening that is keeping me from getting on with it?    So one day I just snapped and grabbed my camera, gathered my materials and started shooting.  I was on fire!  I then came up with 27 bridal accessories tutorials that features hair adornments, bridal jewelry, and bridal accessories.  I think it took me a month to finish shooting all the tutorials.  I took a few weeks of break till I started arranging the layout...That's where the bulk of my time was spent since I've got more than a thousand photos to sift through my sd card and I have to decide which of the photos would end up in my pages.  When I had a rough layout of each tutorial, I wrote the directions.  I was a bit rusty in giving directions since it has been more than a year since I finished a tutorial.  I took it easy when I was writing.  I'm going to have help with my partner's mum to edit my tutorials just to make sure that your'e not reading hieroglyphics.  

I don't know how my tutorial will do on Amazon Kindle...but I am happy to what I have accomplished.  I am happy that I feel that I am really back in doing what I love to do... designing and teaching.  I am so grateful that I was given another chance to contribute to this world as I am.  

A draft of my kindle book cover.  

I am excited to finish this tutorial since I already have ideas for my next set of tutorials.  I want to expand on paper flowers because they are readily available and very easy to manipulate.  I am also thinking of a second kindle book on bridal accessories.  

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New Year and the New Projects Ahead

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Now Available : Carnation and Spider Mum Feather Flower Tutorial

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