Designing Handmade Bridal and Entourage Accessories for Family and Friends

Designing Handmade Bridal and Entourage Accessories for Family and Friends

25th Oct 2014

One thing I like about being an accessories designer is I don’t stress on what I can give as my wedding present for a family or a dear friend who is getting married. Luckily, my cousins and my friend weren’t bridezillas when I told them that I can make their wedding and entourage accessories. Haha! They just gave me the theme and the colors they prefer (I made sure that we agree with the right shade of each color that they like) . I gather my materials and have another consultation with them just to make sure that they like the materials so I don’t need to waste time and money to do them all over again. After the consultation, t would take me days or even a month to figure out how am I going to go through with my designs. Creating custom pieces require a lot of thought and planning. It does take time for me to gather materials since most of them are not in my supply stash. So if you consider creating custom pieces, you should take that into consideration.

                                      The french beaded flower bouquet I made for my cousin-in-law Bonnie.


                   Bonnie with Brenda, her maid-of-honour.  Bonnie had a Filipino Themed Wedding that's why I made 

                   the french beaded flowers to reflect the flamboyant Filipino colonial heritage.


                      The bridal and bridesmaid hair accessories and jewelry I made for my cousin Katz's wedding. 


                                              Crystal and stone bracelet cuff, hair combs, and a set of earrings.


                                The ring pillow I embellished with a hand pressed rose fabric flower and a feather.


                                               The wedding cord I made for my cousin Chelle's wedding.

The set of accessories I made for each of my cousins and friends wedding were unique and tailor fit to their themes. After gathering all my materials and consulting with my friends and cousins, I went on to my workshop and locked myself for a day or two to design the flower accessories. I know how excited they are when they ask me for updates so I provide them a photo of the pieces in progress. I’m glad that they loved the accessories I made for them. I was supposed to create a set of flower accessories for a high school friend’s wedding but I had to turn it down since at that time I’m already doing all my preparations for my big move to Australia.

                       The supplies I used in creating the fabric flower hair accessories for my friend Irene's wedding.

    The prototype fabric flowers (using the Fluffy Cabbage Rose Tutorial, the Carnation Tutorial, and the Ruffled Blossom Fabric Flower Ribbon Tutorial) I made for Irene's entourage. I wasn't happy with the design so I made changes with it. 

The flower fascinator I made for Irene.  I used some french beaded details on the Hand Pressed Ranunculus Rose

She has an English garden themed wedding so I made fabric flower roses for her and her entourage's hair accessories.

                                         All the fabric flower hair accessories I made for Irene and her entourage. 

I can’t stress enough how I miss designing. I hope one day when I have enough savings, I would create accessories to sell other than my fabric flower, paper flower, and feather flower tutorials.