How to Make Your DIY Wedding Flowers Eco Friendly with Paper and Fabric Flowers

How to Make Your DIY Wedding Flowers Eco Friendly with Paper and Fabric Flowers

10th Mar 2014

Fresh flowers wilt in a few days. Since they are perishable, you can't recycle them into your wedding flowers. So if you are a savvy DIY bride who would like to have your wedding to be more eco-friendly by encouraging recycling or repurposing, buying or making your own paper flowers or fabric flowers as your DIY wedding flowers are your best options.

Where to get fabric?
There are many ways to get fabric that you can recycle for your diy wedding flowers. You can use old bed sheets or your old clothes that you can't donate anymore since some of its parts were stained or ripped beyond repair. You can also purchase old 80's and 90's gowns from second hand thrift stores. Trust me. I've been to thrift stores and I could still find a lot of gowns from those decades. I remember a specialty second hand shop I came across online that sells bridal gowns for charity. The gowns they sell, by the way, were donated from brides. The shop's name is The Bride's Project. But if you know a seamstress, you can buy or ask for their scrap fabric to minimize the waste going to landfills.


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Where to get paper?
You can just reuse almost any paper you have at home as long as they don't have your contact details. I suggest that you choose papers that are not glossy so you can paint on them before you transform them into petals. If you want to use the glossy pages from a magazine, you try to choose the most colorful ones and try to get the pages with one color scheme for each flower so you can distinguish one from the other when you finally arrange them into a paper bouquet. I find it cool to reuse used paper since you not only get to have a keepsake that you can pass down, but you will also preserve a piece of history with you.

But if you want to go hard core, you can also combine all the paper that you have and transform them into sheets of paper mache. I kinda like the rustic look of a paper mache and you can dye them using your favorite shade of color. I'll try to show you how to make some when I get home to Manila.