Missing Home

16th Oct 2014

I’ve only been here for three months but I’m starting to miss my family back in Manila. Some nights, I try to remember how my room looked like, from the frames on the wall to the cobwebs and the dust I see at the ceiling before I sleep. I miss my parents especially our dinner and lunch dates together. I miss my big brother Rico and my nephew Noie. I also miss my dog Kikay. Before I left, I actually took photos of our house and took stolen shots of my parents. I’m glad I did as those photos are the only ones that keep me sane at nights when I feel so homesick and wanting to give up.


                                   Our dining room back in Manila where I usually see my dad playing sudoku. 

I also dream about my workshop / mad lab back in Manila. I miss my fabric, ribbon, feather, and bead supplies that I collected over the years. I miss my table that I painted in “Paris grey” as background for my tutorial photo shoots. I miss my 35 degree (celcius) makeshift studio. Somehow the heat inspires creativity on my part. Haha! 


                       My fabric flower and beaded flower supplies in my workshop before I gave 90% of the fabric. 

Before I left, I gave most of my fabric away to a local charity that provides livelihood skills program to women and to the youth group I supervised at church. I packed most of my beads and some fabric that I plan to ship here to Australia when I already have my own place.  I hope I could have them shipped so I can be reunited with my precious supplies soon.  I miss creating accessories even if I’m not selling them. I miss my endless hours of twisting the wires, cutting them…and I also miss getting scalded by the hot glue and sniffing the fumes from my favourite fabric glue (kidding) to make my experimental fabric flowers and feather flowers for my new flower tutorials