My Angels at Cottolengo Filipino

My Angels at Cottolengo Filipino

18th Jun 2014

Last Monday morning, my mum, my aunts and I went to Cottolengo Filipno, an orphanage / home for boys with special needs.  My aunt brought rice and milk while my mum brought clothes that were sent by my sister in Australia.  I've been to Cottolengo a few times already in the past and one time, my nephew Miguel celebrated his birthday with the boys.  My heart felt  so happy to see the boys again!

As usual, little Michael was one of the first boys to greet us. The boys were so excited to see us and they were also excited with the stuff we brought.  Little Michael even sat on one of the boxes to guard them! They were just a little disappointed since they thought we also brought meals from Jollibee (their favorite!)   Fr. Stefan, the head of the facility took my aunts for a quick tour.  Fr Stefan showed us the rooms where the boys stay, their dining area, and their craft workshop where the bigger boys were trained to make crafts that they can sell to their visitors. 

My favorite part of the tour was when we were able to get a chance to check out their craft room. The workshop was so spacious and had a good ventilation. While we were at the workshop, I got to know Joel who is doing some finishing touches in the figurines they were creating.  He loves to sing while he is working (I think I should try that while taking photos of my flower tutorials). 

I really had an awesome experience with my angels at Cottolengo.  I hope someday I could give them more.  I pray that they will be blessed with kind hearted donors who would continue to support the orphanage and volunteers who open their hearts by sharing their time with the boys.  

My Angels

Yours truly with John John

If you want to help Cottolengo Filipino or would love to sponsor a child, you can visit their website at or their facebook page at