My First Quarter Adventure in Sydney

My First Quarter Adventure in Sydney

15th Oct 2014

It has been three months since I left Manila to study my Certificate III and Diploma in Childcare here in Sydney. Wow! What an adventure! So far, in the last three months, I have met amazing people like my classmates, my trainer, and new friends.

I am usually known as "Eliza" back in Manila but when I started going to school, I changed my name to "Mary" (from Maria, my other name) to symbolize myself starting fresh here in Australia. 


                                                                Me with my Thai classmate Tina.

                   My first time to create a clay dough from scratch.  I didn't realize how easy it was to make one!

                                                            Trying out the makeshift tunnel at school. 

School is so much fun. The more I go to my classes, the more I become more passionate on becoming a child care worker. When we had our work practicals, I realized how great I am in working with children.

It was a challenge for me to adjust with my new life here in Sydney. I have to let go of my shopping itch (which is very difficult but necessary) as everything is so expensive and I have to pay for my tuition. I also have to let go of some of my free time since I now have to balance school with my job hunting and taking care of my super cute 4 month old niece.

Now that I feel more settled, I could put more focus again in developing new flower tutorials and planning for the direction of my business. I’m still holding on to my dream to make this website a busy full scale business. I want this website to be a great source of inspiration to all stylish DIY brides, designers, hobbyists, and business owners.