New Year and the New Projects Ahead

27th Jan 2015

I'm glad that I have been becoming more active on my neglected Facebook Page.  I am enjoying curating posts and creating some banners with inspirational quotes.  I am also reviving my Etsy Shop.  I've been giving it some love and I am also revising my listings so I could be easily found on their searches.  Etsy played a big part on how I pursued to become a designer.  

This week, I'm also finishing (finally finishing) my Filler Flowers2 tutorial so I could hand it over to my sister so she can edit it.  I am also trying on a new product range. I've been studying some watercolor painting lately and I wanted to create some printable posters. I'm excited for this one since I have so many ideas for this and I want to have a variety of products in my shop and not only  fabric flower tutorials or feather flower tutorials.  I'm also thinking about making some paper flower tutorials. I figured paper flowers will be my next set of tutorials since the materials are easier and cheaper to find and at the same time, I could also make use of my new love for watercolor painting with the templates I'm going to make.  

I want this year to be a busy year for Jewel Box Ballerina.  It's all up to me to make that happen.