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Designing Bridal Hair Accessories (My Path to Purpose)


Since April, I have been coming up with design after design of bridal hair accessories using my wirewrapping techniques.  I chose to design again as part of my therapy for my depression and at the same time fulfilling a dream that I have put on hold for a very long time.  I don't know how this new path is going to take me especially when I go back to studying in Australia...but I hope to finish well.  

So far, I was able to come up with various combs, hair pins, hair vines, hair wreaths and bridal headbands.  I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to design again.  I'll be honest, it was a struggle at first to get up and design again especially that I was silently suffering from depression that was then confirmed by my psychiatrist more than a month ago.  Everyday, I push myself to go to my workshop and grab my wires and beads and get going.  Everyday, I have to work on my confidence and believe in myself that I can show up in this world as myself...as someone who loves to create beautiful things and share it to the world.  Everytime I finish a design, I feel that I get to retrieve a part of me that I thought I lost.  I know that designing is part of my calling and my purpose.  I do wish that this passion will never die out.


I have been debating where I should first sell my hair adornments.  I tried it first on Etsy but I then decided to transfer them here in my website since Etsy can only provide ten categories for my products.  I'll just list my hair accessories there someday when I am already capable on replicating my designs.  Right now, I just want to take things a step at a time, design from my heart and get myself out there. 

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