Why You Can Save on Your Wedding Bouquet Budget with Fabric Flowers

Why You Can Save on Your Wedding Bouquet Budget with Fabric Flowers

10th Mar 2014

Is the hefty price tag of your wedding bouquet worth it? It depends.

Fresh flower bouquets is not simply tying a bunch of flowers with a ribbon. It requires a whole gamut of florist's years of knowledge and skill such as knowing the seasons of each flower that goes into your bouquet, the price of each stem of flowers, where to order them, how they should be prepared and how they should be stored properly to prevent them from bruising and wilting. It's like the "no makeup" makeup look that is a challenge to orchestrate and pull off if you're not a professional.

Handmade flower bouquets may start from $150 for the simple ones and may go up to a $500 - $600 splurge. Though a splurge on a fresh flower bouquet is on the $350 price range, take note that fresh flowers wilt in a few days unless you have them preserved. Hiring a bouquet preservation service is at least $195. They will freeze dry it and will be spray painted since some flowers get darker during the freeze drying process, and then encase it in a glass frame.

Though your fresh flowers will be preserved, its maintenance is still higher than handmade flowers. If you already have your fresh flowers preserved, you can't put them under direct sunlight, humidity, and insects. Once they go in the glass case, they shouldn't be removed if you want them to be well preserved. That is not the case with handmade fabric, feather and paper flowers. Though care is also needed, fabric flowers do not need much maintenance. If you have them encased, you can take them out and in the years to come. You can still use them as an heirloom bouquet that you would pass down to your daughter or daughter-in-law. Obviously, you can't do that with preserved fresh flowers.

So comparing the expenses with the fresh flower bouquet versus the handmade fabric flower bouquet, I think you'll be able to get more with your wedding budget.