Filler Flowers 2 Brooch Bouquet Tutorial

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Brooch Bouquet Tutorial

Bouquets made from brooches is starting to become a wedding accessory classic.  They are I think the best bouquets to be given as an heirloom in the later years. This tutorial will help you create these timeless bouquets with an edge.  You will not only learn how to use premade brooches, but you will also make your own brooch with the use of beads.  In this tutorial, I'm also going to teach you how to make  beaded flowers, sprays, leaves, and buds so you will be able to incorporate different textures in your bouquet.  

The skills that you will learn in this tutorial will also help you in creating other wedding accessories such as boutonnieres, hair wreaths, bracelets, and fascinators.  

This tutorial is a set of 17 lessons and each lesson has a lot of beautifully photographed pictures with easy to follow step by step directions of the process so you will be able to make your own brooch bouquet in no time! 

The 17 lessons that you will learn:

1. A Loop of Beads 

2. Icy Lavender Stem

3. French Beaded Ball Stem

4.Beaded Flower Bud Spray

5. Beaded Butterfly Cabochon Stem

6. Five Petal Mother of Pearl Cabochon Stem

7. Beaded Spring Blooms

8. French Beaded Barrel Bloom

9. French Beaded Flower Center 

10. Beaded Berry Cluster Stem

11. Freehand Wire Wrapped Brooch Cabochon

12. French Beaded Loopy Bud

13. French Beaded Spring Leaves

14. Premade Brooch Stem

15. Bead Bud Stem 

16. Millinery Stamen Stem

17. Tulle Blossom