How to Assembe a Basic Fabric Flower Headband Fascinator

This simple fabric flower headband assembly tutorial is so fast and easy to do. This is perfect to be used with big fabric flowers to make a humble headband into a fabulous fascinator! You can use a different fabric flowers like the Knotted Chrysanthemum, the Layered Cabbage Rose, the Mayumi Rose and the Sinta Rose.  My nieces love  the fabric flower fascinators I made them with the use of this tutorial.  



From Left to Right:  Fabric Flower (I used the No Sew Carnation Tutorial), Felt Patch (1 1/2 inches in diameter), and a headband frame

Tools you need: Glue gun and glue sticks


Step 1

Add a strip of hot glue along the diameter of the round felt patch.  I recommend felt as the base of the fabric flowers since they are sturdy and you don't need to heat seal or stitch the ends because it doesn't fray plus they provide a neat and professional finish on your hair accessories



Step 2

Attach the felt patch under the headband frame.  TIP: From experience, attach the felt patch 3 inches from one of the headband's tips.  The center of the felt patch should be placed on the third inch.  I find the 3 inch placement to be the most flattering fit for a big fabric flower.  



Step 3

Add hot glue all over the headband frame with a round felt base. Please forgive me! I got a little carried away on putting the hot glue.  If you want to save your glue stick without compromising the quality on how it will stick on the flower, you can just create a hot glue swirl starting from the center of the felt patch.  



Step 4

  Attach the fabric flower on the felt base.   



Step 5

Press the fabric flower's center firmly on the felt to make sure that the base of the fabric flower sticks securely on the felt. 


My pretty niece, Patricia wearing the Carnation Fabric Flower Headband


Fabric Flower in this tutorial:


Sew and No Sew Carnation Fabric Flower Tutorial  |  $6.50 USD