DIY Paper Flower Style Fabric Flower Tutorial (Rosa)

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1. Needle & Thread ( do not knot the thread )
2. Pins
3. 8 Pieces of 5 1/4  x 11 1/2 of light fabric that were starched (I like to combine tulle, chiffon, and organza )
4. 2 Florist’s Wire ( use the thickest gauge you can find )
5. Floral Tape


Stack the 8 pieces of fabric, and then pin them together.  I love creating an hombre style by starting with the darkest fabric at the bottom, and finishing it off with a white tulle.

Step 2

Start basting the layers of fabric together on both sides.  Make sure that  your stitches are near the edge of each side. Basting stiches are basically running stitches. The difference is the size of your stitches. Basting stiches have longer stitches and their main purpose is just to temporarily sew the fabric together and the long stitches will makes them easy to remove.

Step 3

Baste the other side of the fabric layers. 

Step 4

Remove the pins.

Step 5

Fold the fabric like an accordion or a paper fan.  Make the fold at least 1/2 inch each. The fabric easily slips so you need your fingers to keep them folded the whole time.  

Step 6

Get the two florist’s wires and then wrap the center of the folded fabric tightly.  Twist the ends of the wires tightly as well.  

Step 7

Remove the basting stitches by pulling the thread.  The long basting stitches makes pulling the thread easy. 

Step 8

Pull each layer of fabric up on both sides and scrunch them up a little.

Step 9

Wrap the fabric flower stem with floral tape.  

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