Fabric Flower Ring Pillow Tutorial

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I remember years ago, I helped my cousin make a ring pillow for her wedding.  My aunt hand sewn the pillow cover, and I added the feather and fabric flower embellishments.

The Ring Pillow that I helped embellish. I used the Hand Pressed Rose Fabric Flower Tutorial here. 

1. Fabric Flower (In this tutorial, I used the Knotted Chrysanthemum)
2. two 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches of fabric (In this tutorial, I used a lavender duchess satin silk)
3. one 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches of lace fabric (optional)
4. a 1/4 inch wide by 8 inch white velvet ribbon
threaded needle
5. pins
6. Fiber Fill stuffing

Step 1:

Lay one silk fabric on a flat surface, shiny or right side facing up.

Step 2:

Lay the lace fabric on top of the first silk fabric.

Step 3:

Lay the second silk fabric on top of the lace fabric, this time, the dull or wrong side facing up.

Step 4:

Pin each sides of the fabric together.

Step 5:

Join the layers of fabric together by sewing a seam on each of the sides (sew the first 3 sides first). In this tutorial, I hand sewn the seams of the fabric with back stitches.  It is more convenient and faster if you would use a sewing machine to sew the seams.

Step 6:

On the fourth side, only sew 2/3 of the length of the fabric.  There should be a small opening that could at least fit three of your fingers.

Step 7:

With the use of  your fingers, turn the pillow case inside out.

Step 8:

Fill the pillow case with the fiber fill stuffing.

Step 9:

Tuck the fabric of the opening of the pillow case with your fingers. Make sure that it will level with the sewn part of the the pillow case.

Step 10:

Close the opening by sewing it with joining stitches. Knot your thread when you finish.

Step 11:

Sew the fabric flower at the middle of the pillow.

Step 12:

Find the center of the velvet ribbon, and then sew it near the fabric flower.

Tie the Wedding Rings and your cutest ring bearer is ready to walk down the isle. 

You can also use feather flowers if you don’t want to use the fabric flowers. You would need to glue it though.  

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