How to Add a Stem on Fabric Flower Cabochons to Make Bouquets (Quick Tutorial)

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Sometimes, your design would require some stems on your handmade flowers. This would help you add more dimension and flexibility with your designs when working with fabric flowers. Though a lot of my tutorials have a flat base, this simple trick will help you put stems on these fabric flowers so you will have more options when you design your own bouquet or other flower arrangements.

1. Hot Glue
2. Fabric Flower Cabochon
3. Florist’s Wire
4. Ribbon Strip
5. Floral Tape

Step 1

Apply some hot glue into the base of the flower cabochon, and then attach the ribbon.

Step 2

Apply some hot glue into the ribbon, and then attach the middle part of the florist’s wire.

Step 3

While the glue is still hot, fold the non glued part of the ribbon to cover the wire.

Step 4

Bend both ends of the wire, and then twist all the way.

Step 5

Wrap the wire stem with floral tape.

Now you have your fabric flower cabochon with a stem. Make several of these and bunch them up and tie them with a beautiful ribbon to create a unique handmade flower wedding bouquet.

Below is the bouquet I made using the Carnation Fabric Flower tutorial. The flower has a flat base and I used the techniques in this tutorial to add a stems to the flowers.

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