How to Make a Fabric Flower Headband Fascinator Tutorial

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I love it when I see brides wear these fabric flower headband fascinators during their reception.  Flower fascinators are chic and can frame the face really well.  It’s timeless romantic elegance and grace makes you become a standout in a crowd. Don’t blame me if guests keep on gushing on your beauty and confidence.  

Making this fabric flower fascinator headband is not as complicated as you think. It may have different layers and elements put into it, but making is pretty simple and easy.  This tutorial will help you to properly layer your design and finish it for a more professional look.  You can use other fabric flowers with stems or feather flowers to make this fascinator. 

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
• 5 florist’s wires
• small flat nose pliers with cutter (you can get a wire cutter separately)
• a patch of soft felt (I used a 2 inches x 3.5 inches felt patch)
• assorted beads (at least 10mm in size)
• metal headband
•1 fabric ranunculus (I used the pattern version)
• 2 fabric leaves with long stems (Just cut out a leaf from fabric and attach it to a florist’s wire, and then cover the wire with floral tape)
•1 fabric rose (I used the free hand version
• hot glue


Get your floral tape, beads, and florist’s wires.  Insert a bead into the florist’s wire and then bring it at the middle of the florist’s wire.  


Bend the wire at the middle (from the bead), and then twist both parts of the wire together all the way to the end. 


Wrap the middle part of the bead with a floral tape.  Make sure that the wires were covered.


From the bead, continue to cover the rest of the stem with floral tape. This will create beaded flower buds.  


Place the buds on different levels, and then  bunch them together by wrapping them with floral tape.  You don’t need to wrap the entire bunch of stems.  


Add the ranunculus flower on top of the bunch of buds.  Attach the flower by wrapping it to the bunch with a strip of floral tape.  


Cut all the stems evenly 2 to 3 inches from the base of the flower.  Bend ½ an inch of the remaining stems up with your flat nose pliers. 


Get the other flower and place it next to the bunch of buds with ranunculus.  The stem of the other flower should be going to the opposite direction from the bunch of buds.  Wrap the other flower’s stem on the bunch of buds.  


Press the bent stems firmly downwards.  This will secure the other flower.  


Get your leaves.  Arrange them in such a way that one leaf is higher than the other leaf.  Attach the base of the leaves on the metal headband by wrapping the stem from the base of the leaves 2 times.  Leave the stems extending from the metal headband. 


Attach the flowers by using the leaves stems to wrap in between the stems of the flowers.  


Estimate the size of the felt that will cover the back of the flowers.  Trim the excess felt, add a strip of glue at the middle of the felt, and then attach it on the metal headband.  


Hot glue the other parts of the felt to cover the back parts of the flowers entirely to achieve a clean and professional look.  

Now you have a Hand Pressed Flower With Stems Headband Fascinator.

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