Flower Crown Tutorial

How to Make a Flower Crown

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Flower crowns have made playing dress up more memorable and enchanting.  It instantly transports you to a world that is whimsical and carefree. No wonder hair wreaths have become a music festival staple.

But most of these crowns available to purchase at malls were flimsily made with flowers that are sparsely distributed and would easily fall off the wreath after five minutes of wearing it. Why not just create one for your little one?  With this, you have control over the design and which kind of handmade flowers you could put on it and you can also customize the size.  So in today’s tutorial, I am going to teach you how to make a flower crown with handmade flowers so you will not only have a well made hair accessory but also a unique one.  


  • Assorted Handmade Flowers with Wired Stems
  • Assorted Millinery Berries
  • Floral Tape (I used 2 colors but this is optional)
  • 10-12 Floral Wires
  • Assorted Ribbons (I used a combination of satin and organza ribbons)


To make the base of the flower vine,  you need to take half of your floral wires and bundle them together.  When you bundle the floral wires, make sure that they are on different levels.  Doing this would extend the length of the floral wire and it will also give you a nice tapered effect on its tips.   


After extending the wires, gather and bundle them together at the center.  Start twisting the wires together from the center.  Starting to twist from the center will keep your wires from moving that might change the length of the vine.   When you finish twisting, set it aside and create another set of wire vine. 


Get your first set of wire vine and start wrapping it with a floral tape all the way through. I love it when I wrap wires with floral tape.  I just find it fun stretching it out and when it wraps on a wire, it nicely follows all the lines and grooves on it plus the seams would usually disappear giving it a more natural look to the wire vine.  Another purpose of using a floral wire is that it  covers the pointy edges of the wires so it would be comfortable to handle and wear.  I’m telling you now, whenever I deliberately expose the wires in my flower designs, I would usually nastily prick my finger. Ugh! So, for your own peace of mind, just use floral tapes.  

When you finish wrapping the wire vine, start wrapping the other one with another color.  In this project, I used brown floral tape and dark green floral tape for a more rustic woodsy effect.  If you are making this hair wreath for spring and summer, you could use different shades of green.  There are even floral tapes that have a metallic finish if you want to go extra.  


From the centre of the wired vine,  start shaping it to your head.  The flower crown that I am teaching you is a closed loop so you have to shape and measure it on where you would like the flower crown to fall / lay on your head.  I find letting the crown fall nearly midway on the forehead really flattering.  

After shaping the vine to the circumference of your head, bend, stretch and extend the extra vine outwards. 


Get the floral tape you used in wrapping the wire vine.  Start the vine again starting from the end. When the floral tape is already in the part that is shaped to the circumference of your head,  start adding the flowers per stem.  I like to add flowers this way instead of just gluing the base of the flowers. With this method, the flower is properly secured in place.  Going back, wrap the flower’s stem up to an inch before you attach another stem of flowers.  Doing this will prevent the flowers from over crowding and would appear all squashed up and messy.   

TIP:  To make the flower crown look symmetrical, it is best to pre arrange the order of the flowers so they will be evenly distributed and don’t end up with a crown that looks full on one side and sparse on another unless you intended it to be asymmetrical.   I also like to mix up different different sizes of the handmade flowers while arranging them in order (ex. 1 Big flower and then a spray of small flowers). I like doing it like this to make each element (flower/ berry) look interesting.  

When you are done attaching the flowers, just continue wrapping the floral tape up to the end to have a nice and clean finish.  


Get the floral tape you used on the second wire vine. Start wrapping the floral tape beginning at the end of the vine.  When you get to the part that you marked earlier to indicate the start of the wreath’s circumference, begin to attach the berries.  In this vine I alternate the white and silver berries. I made sure that I made enough gaps in between each stem of berries.  Having enough gap will help when you start wrapping this around the flower vine.  


Put the two vines side by side each other. Make sure that the two vines are at an even level.  Begin twisting the vines together starting from the first flower and the first berries going up to the extended vines.  After that, begin to carefully wrap the berry vine around the flower vine.  Make sure that no flower or petal gets stuck that’s why you just wrap the berry vine a section at a time and then fix and rearrange the flowers.  

Continue wrapping the vine until you reach the end.  


Close the circumference of the wreath/crown by wrapping the extended wires together.  When you wrap the end vines together, allow a one inch gap of exposed vines to make space for the ribbons.  


Gather the ribbon centers together.  Attach the ribbon into the flower crown by creating a loop from the center and then let the other end of the ribbons to pass through inside it from the other side. 

TIP: To add a more rustic and lush character into the wreath, use ribbons with different lengths, textures and thickness.  

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