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How to Make a Headband Fascinator with Feathers, Tulle, and a Fabric Flower

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Fascinators are beautiful headpieces to resemble a hat. Usually, the design of a fascinator is much bigger than a regular headband but it is not big enough to be and function as a hat.

In designing fascinators, you can go as simple or as flamboyant as you want. If you go for a simple one, you could just glue a big fabric flower and call it a day. But if you want to give it more of a special touch, read through this post so you will be able to make your own headband fascinator.

In this tutorial, you will learn 2 kinds of headband fascinators: the basic that can be used for everyday wear with its minimalistic design and the advanced design that has more layers when you feel like being a little bit fancy.



This simple fabric flower headband assembly is so fast and easy to do. This is perfect to be used with big fabric flowers to make a humble headband into a fabulous fascinator! You can use a different fabric flowers like the Knotted Chrysanthemum, the Layered Cabbage Rose, the Mayumi Rose and the Sinta Rose.  My nieces love  the fabric flower fascinators I made them with the use of this tutorial.  


Tools You Need:

  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks

Step 1

Add a strip of hot glue along the diameter of the round felt patch.  I recommend felt as the base of the fabric flowers since they are sturdy and you don’t need to heat seal or stitch the ends because it doesn’t fray plus they provide a neat and professional finish on your hair accessories

Step 2

Attach the felt patch under the headband frame.  

TIP: From experience, attach the felt patch 3 inches from one of the headband’s tips.  The center of the felt patch should be placed on the third inch.  I find the 3 inch placement to be the most flattering fit for a big fabric flower.  

Step 3

Add hot glue all over the headband frame with a round felt base. Please forgive me! I got a little carried away on putting the hot glue.  If you want to save your glue stick without compromising the quality on how it will stick on the flower, you can just create a hot glue swirl starting from the center of the felt patch.  

Step 4

  Lastly, attach the fabric flower on the felt base.   

Step 5

Press the fabric flower‘s center firmly on the felt to make sure that the base of the fabric flower sticks securely on the felt. 

My pretty niece, Patricia wearing the Carnation Fabric Flower Headband

2. Advanced Headband Fascinator

To make a fascinator, you would need the following materials:

Round Felt Disc

2 Marabou Feathers (bought these from the dollar store)

4×6 inches of tulle

Felt Flower (I used the Sinta Rose Tutorial)

Metal Headband Frame


Add a strip of glue along the diameter of the round felt patch.  


Stick the center of the felt patch 3 inches from one end of the headband. When making fascinators, 3 inches from the end of the headband is the sweet spot to make your fascinator look flattering.


Add some hot glue at the top portion of the felt base on an inverted triangle pattern. I only put hot glue portion by portion because these could harden fast and you won’t be able to stick your materials properly.


Attach the marabou feathers.  Press the feathers firmly to make sure that the feathers are securely attached.  This is important because this kind of feather is very fluffy and if you weren’t able to glue it well, the flower might not be able to stick properly .


Make a bow by gathering the middle part of the tulle. I didn’t sew the tulle to secure anymore because it’s not necessary.


Add a bead of hot glue beside the feathers and then attach the gathered part of the tulle.  I folded the tulle starting from the gathered part so both ends of the tulle bow would be up. Adding tulle gives your design a more interesting texture as it contrasts with the billowy softness of the marabou feathers.


Cut the tips of the marabou feathers so you can have a flat base.  


Add glue all over the felt base and then attach the fabric flower.  Make sure that you were able to put a lot of glue on top of the feathers and the tulle.

Now you are now ready to go to the races with your flower fascinator.

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