Carmina Blooms Ribbon Bow Fabric Flower Tutorial (Instant Ebook Download)


Create flowers that are fun and flirty with the help of the Carmina Blooms Ribbon Bow Fabric Flower Tutorial! So easy to make, this ribbon flower is perfect for beginners and advanced crafters alike. This tutorial will help you create big hair bow flowers, flower headbands, and lush bouquets without any sewing involved!

I am dedicated to make this ribbon flower tutorial a fun learning experience.  I took the frustration out from guessing each step of the lesson with plenty of colorful pictures (217 pictures)  and easy to understand directions.

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The 6 Styles of Carmina Blooms that you will learn:

1. Basic Carmina Bloom

2. Basic Carmina Open Bloom

3. Looped Carmina Bloom

4. Looped Carmina Open Bloom

5. Five Petal Carmina Bloom,

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