Filler Flowers 2 Brooch Bouquet Tutorial


Light, soft, and playful, this fabric flower is a must in your flower making skills.  The Fluffy Cabbage Rose is actually one of my go-to handmade flowers whenever I have some last minute presents to make.  I just put these on hair adornments like  alligator clips, headband fascinators, or bib necklaces and they are ready to charm your loved ones. You can make these as dainty for everyday use or as full and flamboyant for breathtaking photo props and bridal accessories.

Created with the visual learners and beginning crafters in mind, I put a generous amount of full color images with detailed instructions that are easy to follow and understand.

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The 17 lessons that you will learn:

1. A Loop of Beads

2. Icy Lavender Stem

3. French Beaded Ball Stem

4.Beaded Flower Bud Spray

5. Beaded Butterfly Cabochon Stem

6. Five Petal Mother of Pearl Cabochon Stem

7. Beaded Spring Blooms

8. French Beaded Barrel Bloom

9. French Beaded Flower Center

10. Beaded Berry Cluster Stem

11. Freehand Wire Wrapped Brooch Cabochon

12. French Beaded Loopy Bud

13. French Beaded Spring Leaves

14. Premade Brooch Stem

15. Bead Bud Stem

16. Millinery Stamen Stem

17. Tulle Blossom


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